• Made with only THE BEST INGREDIENTS, Including: OUR [Award Winning] RAW honey (From OUR Organically managed hives), Organic Elderberries , Distilled water, Organic spices; Clove, Ginger, Orange peel and cinnamon ! #msbeehavenfarm #farm #wellness #organic
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    A 30 Second Health Hack

    ELDERBERRY SYRUP! YES, I love it THAT MUCH, that it needs to be in all caps with an exclamation point haha.  Seriously though, if you haven’t tried this sweet, magical syrup yet, you’re missing out. It should come as no surprise that, over the years, I have built up quite the Arsenal of natural tools and techniques to help our…

  • Farm Life

    Hello world!

    My hope for this site is to share our REAL LIFE, unfiltered experiences with you as we work towards living a more self-sustaining life. Here on our farm, we are all about trying to to live out a life filled with purpose while bringing back the old school, practical skills that seem to fading in today’s face paced, consumer based…