Bees are in crisis!

Over the years, We [humans] have manipulated and domesticated the honeybee in order to suit OUR needs while neglecting the welfare of the bee. Its no surprise that by ignoring the inherent consequences, it has resulted in a crisis that now threatens the species survival.

Practices such as migratory beekeeping, Honey robbing, chemical mitecides & pesticides, and careless hive management have contributed to a varroa mite epidemic, leaving the honeybees to fight an endless battle.

WE have got to make this right , and that’s why here on our farm, we are COMMITTED to building a better bee! 

Ours hives are individually monitored and cared for, which allows us to carefully select which Queens based on natural genetic superiority.  This practice is certainly more labor intensive and in turn produces smaller batches of excess honey, however we refuse to compromise and we will always put the honeybee before the honey! We think you will agree, that you can taste the difference!

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