It is our unwavering commitment to offer only the HIGHEST QUALITY of goods, through ethical and conscious practices.

Elderberry Syrup

1 Pint
Including: OUR [Award Winning] RAW honey
(From OUR Organically managed hives),
Organic Elderberries , Distilled water,
Organic spices; Clove, Ginger, Orange peel and cinnamon!

Farm Fresh eggs from free range happy chickens. Feed non-gmo feed

Fresh Eggs

Per Dozen
Eggs collected daily from happy chickens!
Our Chickens enjoy life as they should,
free-ranging around our property.
We feed our flock
a high quality
layer feed which produces
eggs that have superior taste & nutrition!

Ask about our
“Bakers Dozens”
loyalty punch card to earn FREE Eggs!

Beeswax Candle

6 oz
Made with just Natural beeswax
& a touch organic coconut oil! 

Enjoy the sweet aroma of the naturally-fragrant
beeswax as it purifies the air while burning!
Includes a touch of Unrefined,Organic coconut oil
to help achieve the optimal burn consistency. 
Made with 100% cotton wick. 

  • NO toxic metal-cored wick
  • NO chemical fragrances
  • NO petroleum fumes
  • NO polluting indoor air quality